Despite the multicultural groups dwelling in Mississauga Ontario, it has maintained a harmonious relationship in its community. In fact, most of the annual events they celebrate are participated by diverse cultural groups. Let’s get to know some of these annual events in Mississauga.

  1. Carassauga Festival

Recognized as Canada’s biggest multicultural festival, Carassauga holds this 3-day celebration every year. Next year, they will be celebrating its 35th anniversary, making it the second longest running community festival. From the first festival in 1986 when they only had 10 pavillions, it expanded significantly and now puts up 29 pavillions to house over 70 countries showcasing their culture. The Carassauga is held in 5600 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, Ontario.

  • LobsterFest

The rotary club of Mississauga West holds a Lobsterfest annually. They sell tickets in advance and its proceeds go to charities in Mississauga. The lobsters served are all fresh and imported from Prince Edward Island. It is also served with salad, chicken, desserts, and coffee. Raffle prizes also await participants. Lobsterfest is celebrated at St. John’s Hall, 2185 Stavebank Road, Mississauga, Ontario.

  • Mississauga Waterfront Festival

Started in 1996, the Mississauga Waterfront Festival has brought families and friends closer through this 3-day celebration. Families spend quality time together in this mesmerizing waterfront, and enjoy cool outdoor concerts, carnival, interactive activities, water shows and delicious food. There are also attractions for kids like the Kiddie Zoomies, Kiddie Fun Track, and Sci-Tech Dome. Nickelodeon characters also make appearances to entertain the kids. The live performances are most-awaited by everyone since they always have the best of both Canadian and international performers.  This festival is celebrated at 58 Oakwood Avenue N, Mississauga, Ontario.

  • Muslimfest

The Muslimfest was started in 2004 by organizations who aims to connect with Islam communities by understanding and sharing their culture with Canadians through art, culture, traditions, and entertainment. This award-winning festival gathers popular Muslim artists, as well as international performers, actors, martial art performers, comedians, and spoken word artists. It is held at Mississauga Celebration Square, 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario.

  • Streetsville Founders Bread and Honey Festival –

This festival that started in 1973 is one of the longest running festivals in Canada. It simply started in promoting Streetsville, so they offered their local products – bread (from their flour mills) and honey, which became a hit. Since then, more and more people showed interest in volunteering and participating. Until in 1984, this festival became a joint community project by the Kinsmen club, Lions Club and Rotary Club. More activities and attractions started from then, and now we even have parade, carnival rides, games and hands-on educational demonstrations for the whole family. If you wish to join the Bread and Honey Festival, visit them on the first weekend of June at Streetsville, Memorial Park, 335 Church Street, Mississauga, Ontario.

  • Dragon Lion Dance Festival

This festival celebrates Chinese culture and was organized by the Kung Fu Canada Association, Hebei Association of Canada, and Kung Fu Canada Association. It is a free event celebrated every September at the Mississauga Celebration Square at 300 City Centre Drive, Mississauga, Ontario. It is a great event for all ages since they will experience the magnificent parade of the Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance, Kung Fu Panda, Tai Chi and martial arts.

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