Family owned and operated businesses always seem to be a little bit extra special: maybe it’s knowing your customers and the community, maybe it’s the way the owners tend to go out of their way to help customers. Whatever the extra special thing is about family owned businesses, it’s completely understandable why you love small operations like that and Milan is no exception. This restaurant is perfect for family dinners, date night and even grabbing a quick ice cream as you’re wandering the streets of the city. Make your way down to 3899 Trelawny Circle in Mississauga to see what they’re all about. In case you’re a little skeptical, here’s a little bit more about them and what you can expect to find here.

Milan Ice Cream & Paan in Mississauga Ontario

They love food

What better thing to do if you love food as much as they do then to open your own restaurant. The owners have deep roots in Indian food and tradition, and they know how much they loved the mouth-watering smell of all the street foods when they were in India so they want to bring that to Mississauga for an authentic experience.

There are lots of options

Not exactly sure what you want? No problem! This restaurant offers a wide range of options sure to please everyone in your family. They have Paan, Chaat, Chai, Falooda and so much more. You don’t have to choose before you get here because you might end up changing your mind when it comes to ordering, anyways.

They are animal friendly

All of the dishes available at this restaurant are vegetarian, and are filled with chick peas, potatoes and other vegetables. You likely won’t miss the meat though, as these meals are so filling and flavourful they don’t need that extra ingredient. Even the most meat-loving member of your family is sure to enjoy these dishes and not even ask about that component.

They love to be sweet

If you aren’t exactly looking for dinner, then you don’t have to worry that you won’t find anything here for you. You can enjoy some falooda, which is a chilled, sweet dessert. You can even have an ice cream falooda, including your choice of flavour. You can also settle in after dinner, for a nice chat, with one of their hot chai teas. You can choose from Kashmiri, masala, elaichi or ginger.

They are involved in giving back

A business that looks for ways to get involved in a community is one that you can feel good supporting. Milan is just that business. For every chaat you purchase, Milan will donate one meal to a child in need through Akshaya Patra in India. This organization is one that is dedicated to eliminating hunger amongst school aged children so that children can focus on their education and not worry about being hungry. Buying a meal here means you’ll be full (maybe even completely stuffed) and you can leave knowing you did something great for a child in need.

This restaurant is a great, family run business that is involved in giving back to those who need it. Eating here will fill your belly, and your heart knowing you’re supporting a small business.

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