Tree removal can be a challenging duty, especially if the tree has been around for quite a long time. In addition, nature can be too unpredictable at times, and trees can fall without us knowing. If you currently find yourself in need of storm damage tree removal, Tree Removal Mississauga will be at your location fast to manage the situation properly. We’re Mississauga’s leading choice when it comes to getting rid of trees that block the walkways, lawn, or highways.

Storm Recovery

Perils such as storms cause massive damage and interrupt our normal routine on a daily basis. At Tree Removal Mississauga, we are proud to boast our long history in aiding people after natural disasters and other emergency situations.

Other Services We Offer

Backed with a professional team of tree removal experts and technologically advanced machinery, our company offers the following services:

  • Residential and commercial tree removal – If your trees have become more of a nuisance rather than a blessing, you can trust the experts at Tree Removal Mississauga to safely remove trees from your lawn or commercial vicinity. Overgrown trees with wide-spreading branches on your surroundings have to be cut or removed at once. This also applies to trees that lean heavily on walls or fences, as they can weaken structures and create damage down the road.
  • Tree cutting and pruning – Trees are delicate creatures, this is why cutting has to be done by experts. It does not stop at using basic cutting tools and such. Cutting and pruning trees should make use of proper timing and techniques to promote strength and good health in trees. When done right, pruning not only creates an attractively designed tree, it also boosts good health and longevity. Proper cutting of branches enables trees to grow and combat the spread of diseases.
  • Stump removal – Removing a stump by yourself is not really recommended because it is cumbersome and time-consuming. Also, safety risks are inevitable, especially if the stump has a disease or infested with pests.
  • Hedge trimming – Are your hedges all over the place? Have they grown too high for your liking? Or are you looking to get the perfect hedge that will match your home’s style and landscape? Tree Removal Mississauga can help you do this without you doing all the hard work. We offer hedge trimming services to beautify your landscape and transform it into a refreshing scene.
  • 24/7 emergency tree service – Having unsightly trees in your vicinity is no fun at all. Whether it is an overgrown tree or weak at the branches or roots, they have to be removed at all costs. If this your tree has a disease or has outgrown your property, you have to seek the help of a reliable tree removal company who can provide the best solutions for your tree-related issues.
  • Dangerous tree removal – Are your trees decaying, dead, or infected? These trees usually have branches that are too brittle and about to snap and fall on the ground or nearby structure. It could be your home, car, garage, household members, or even you! When you are worried about an old tree in your property, dangerous tree removal service is all you need to solve this problem.
  • Arborist reports – Tree Removal Mississauga offers arborist reports in case you’re in need of improvement, renovation, or expansion. To save you a lot of time, we’ll help you obtain a permit for getting a tree cut or removed. This is because before a tree is removed, you’d need to secure a permit from the city in question. To get this, an arborist report has to be done and submitted to the authorities who handle these types of application.

Tree Removal Mississauga has been in the tree care business for 15 years. We’re well-experienced in a number of tree removal services so hiring us will be the best decision you can make today. Rest assured, we’ll complete the task in the most efficient way possible. What’s more, we always clean up the area once we’re done with the tree. This way, you won’t have to stress and clean up the mess we left behind. That’s how we value your time and money.

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