A good place to shop in your neighbourhood can be a tough thing to find: you want a place that has the right stores for you, is easy to access and won’t be completely crowded all the time. Westwood square is a popular shopping centre located within the Malton region of Mississauga at 7205 Goreway Drive. This centre has a history with the community, and has some deep roots here. If you’re looking for a great place to do some shopping, here’s why you should consider Westwood Square.

It has history

This centre was first built in 1971, making it the first retail plaza in the Malton community. Initially, it was only supposed to be a small area for local residents to shop but it has grown overtime to be a much bigger retail spot. The first food court here opened in the 1980s to feed shoppers after a long day of bargain hunting. There have been many big stores – like Zellers – come and go from this shopping centre but it has remained an integral part of the community for so many years that, if you’re from this area, you’ve probably shopped here since you were little.

It’s accessible

There are 4 different public transit lines that stop close to this centre, including the TTC subway and Brampton transit. This shopping area has 15 public transit terminals in service at all times, so you’re very likely to find your transit option quickly. If you prefer to drive, there’s ample amounts of parking space so you’re sure to get a spot close to your favourite store.

It’s small, but mighty

While you might be thinking that this shopping area is not nearly as big as ones in the area, like Woodbine Centre or Sherway Gardens, but this retail area can definitely hold its own. With major stores like Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart and FreshCo, this shopping area is sure to have absolutely everything you and your family need in one spot.

It has a little bit more

This shopping centre doesn’t just have retail stores – and a lot of them at that – it offers many other services all in once place for your convienence. There is a medical centre here so that you can visit a doctor if you need to in an easily accessible location. What’s more is they offer multiple banking institutions so you can complete any banking you need to do all in one spot.

Finding that spot, close to home, where you can buy all your groceries, visit your bank, do some shopping and even fill prescriptions is difficult. Westwood Square has everything that you need and you’ll never even have to move your car! There’s also some retail opportunities available, so if you think that your business might thrive in this area then this could be a great time to take advantage of the space available. Stay close to home, you don’t have to travel great distances to find what you need. Westwood Square, in the Malton region of Mississauga, offers all kinds of stores right in your neighbourhood.

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